Residential Living Frequently Asked Questions

For thousands of people, security, peace of mind and a delightful living environment are just some of the benefits of park home living.

Moving to a residential park can mean swapping urban life for a peaceful place in the country and becoming part of a friendly, like-minded community. Many downsize to a park home, releasing capital in their bricks-and-mortar to fund their retirement.

Our homes are usually fully-furnished and their modern interiors provide good sized living areas and a separate kitchen, often supplied with integrated appliances, built-in cupboards and wardrobes, two or three bedrooms and a fitted bathroom. Central heating and double glazing installed as standard, and so is carpeting throughout.

Neilshill is a community where no-one need feel isolated. Individual privacy is, of course, respected as it would be anywhere.

Q. Can I get a mortgage on a park home?

Because of the unique legal tenure, most conventional high street mortgage lenders would not provide finance. However if you are not a cash buyer, it is possible to arrange financing on a park home through specialist finance companies.

Q. Do I own both the home and the land?

No. The park is covered by a unique form of legal tenure under which the park owner owns the land, but you own the home itself. The Mobile Homes Act gives you wide-ranging rights allowing you to occupy the pitch as a resident almost indefinitely. The legal relationship between you and the park owner is governed by an important agreement known as the “Written Statement”. This agreement is passed from occupier when a park home is sold.

Q. Is Stamp Duty Land Tax payable?

No. Stamp duty is a tax payable on a transfer conveyance or lease of land. Because you, as a park homeowner, do not own the land where your home is sited, no stamp duty is payable.

Q. Are park homes subject to Home Information Packs (HIPS)?

No. Park homes are excluded from this new legislation that requires sellers of properties to provide an information pack to prospective buyers.

Q. Is council tax payable for park homes and if so how much?

Yes. Council tax is payable on park homes (as on all residential homes). The amount payable will depend upon the individual council tax band assessed by South Ayrshire Council.

Q. Do I need a solicitor to deal with the purchase of the home?

Buying a park home is a big investment – not just in terms of money, but in your future – so it pays to make sure that you can check everything carefully first. A solicitor can help make sure that all the documentation is in place and ensure that the terms of the Written Statement are in order and in accord with the new legislation.

Q. Is it true that I need to give the park owner 10% of the sale price of my home if I sell it?

Yes. The payment of commission on the sale of a park home dates back to the early 1970s and was later amended by Parliament in the 1983 Mobile Homes Act. It recognises the park owner’s investment and interest in the land and park infrastructure. A park owner may not charge more that the maximum commission allowed by law, i.e. 10%